The Exhibitions

October 2 – November 3, 2020
Keith Sorenson – Oils

Image: “October”, 36 x 36 Oil by Keith Sorenson

Scott Milo Gallery celebrates all Anacortes artists this month, in what was to be the 98221 Studio Tour month.  Our featured artist is Keith Sorenson with his brightly colored landscapes.  His style abstracted fall trees fill the gallery with colors of Autumn.  Also showing are copper and stainless steel, flame painted mesh by Lanny Bergner, celebration paddles by Les Eelkema, landscape oil pastels by Kathleen Faulkner, photographs on canvas by Lewis Jones and darkroom, gumoil prints by Joella Solus.

We will not have a reception with the artists due to Phase 2 regulations, however the gallery is open Wednesday – Saturday 11am-5pm and by appointment.  For your convenience, the show is available, in its entirety, on our website. Please call or email the gallery with questions or to make a purchase. Sign up for email updates on our website

Image: “October”, 36 x 36 Oil by Keith Sorenson

2020 Exhibition Schedule

December 6 – February 4, 2020 (Two Month Show)
Gallery Walks Dec 6 & January 3 Chamber Artwalk Dec 6 & 7
25 Year Anniversary Show (6 pieces each)
Leo Osborne, Lewis Jones, Jennifer Bowman, Randy Dana, Amanda Houston-Pastels, Lorna Libert, Anne Martin McCool, Eric Wiegardt, Janice Wall, Dederick Ward, Gary Leake, Terri Malec, Lin McJunkin, Steve Klein, Lanny Bergner.

February 7- March 3, 2020
Gallery Walk Feb 7
Birds of Winter 2020
Vince Streano – Photographs on Metal, Kathy Hastings- Photo Encaustics, Keith Sorenson – Oils, Gerry Beadle Collection, Les Eelkema – Metal Work

March 6 – March 31, 2020
Gallery Walk March 6
Steve Hill - Pastels
Jennifer McGill-Oils, Susan Cohen Thompson – Paintings & Ceramics, John Roser – Acrylics, Karen Bakke - Oils

April 3 – April 28, 2020
Jennifer Bowman – Acrylics
4th Annual Tulip Festival Artists, Past and Present
Randy Dana – Color Photography, Ben Mann-Acrylics, Melissa Jander – Oils, JLS Glass Studio, Official Tulip Merchandise, Quilt

May 1 – June 2, 2020
Lanny Bergner – Flame Painted Copper
Anita Lehmann – Mixed Media, Marie Powell – Mixed Media Monoprints, Ria Harboe-Acrylics, Anne Martin McCool-Mixed Media Acrylics

June 5 – June 27, 2020
“Little Gems” by Plein Air Washington Artists
A juried show featuring approximately 100 small works pieces from the membership. Awards by Juror, Suzie Baker.

July 3 – August 4, 2020
NW Pastel Society Signature Member Show
Dozens of Pastel Artists from the Signature Membership

August 7 – September 1, 2020
Barbara Noonan – Abstract Pastels
Kathy Hastings – Small Photo Encaustic, Randy Dana- Photographs, Amanda Houston - Pastels, Jeanne Levasseur- Oils, Les Eelkema-Paddles

September 4 – September 29, 2020
Leo Osborne – Paintings & Sculptures
Audrey Garbacik – Photographs on Metal, Jane Wallis- Oils, Gretha Lindwood-Pastels, Peggy Woods - Watercolors

October 2 – November 3, 2020
Keith Sorenson-Oils
Lanny Bergner – Steel Mesh, Lewis Jones – Photography, Les Eelkema – Metal Work, Kathleen Faulkner-Oil Pastel, Joella Solus – Gumoil Prints

November 6 – December 1, 2020
Eric Wiegardt-Watercolors & Acrylics
Lin McJunkin-Glass, Lorna Libert- Oils, Kathleen Secrest-Pastels, Dederick Ward – Oils, Janice Wall - Pastels

December 4 -January 26, 2021 (Two Month Show)
Teresa Saia-Pastels
Lewis Jones-Photographs, Jennifer Bowman-Acrylics, Randy Dana-Color Photography, Steven Hill-Pastels, Anne Martin McCool-Mixed Media Acrylics

Always showing:  John Roser – Sculptures, Terri Malec – Sculptures, Gary Leake – Custom Wood Tables, Cate Grinzell- Bronze Jewelry, Leo Osborne- Sculptures, Robin Larson -Fused Glass, Meghan Mavar – Selah Jewelry, Lanny Bergner – Steel Mesh Tables, Melanie Brauner – VERSO Jewelry, Les Eelkema – Metal Work, Indy Behrendt –Silver Jewelry, Anne Lindsay-Mesh Jewelry, Tulip Festival Merchandise 

celebrating 25 years


Our September hours are 11am-5pm Wednesday – Saturday and by appointment. Contact us via email or leave a message at 360-293-6938. We look forward to serving you.


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